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1/6 scaled Aibo`s Information


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My 1/6 scale aibos
Nice arn`t they :)

Ebay buyers should know........ these kits are selling for only 3000 yen or $22.00......... why would anyone pay 50.00 or 100.00 for these! What makes it worse, the first shipments were defective! Beware  if you bought the first sets that were(in the multi segment packaging) unbuildt. They are the ones that had been recalled. The newer  version are 90% built. BEWARE!

Sellers are saying these are rare collectables!
WRONG! they are found most any where! Sony is mass producing of them!

Buying them in single units, they only cost 300 yen not $10.00. Some Greedy Ebay people are  having the balls to selling them for that much. They are not rare, Sony is selling many many of them and there is plenty of stock! Wait until the prices drop before paying this much! Beware of sellers selling first runs single units claiming sony is only recalled the special limited sets. Well thats true! But Sony DID NOT RELEASE THE BAD DEFECT FIRST RUN IN SINGLE UNITS!

Sony is putting them in gumball style machines.
So, the market wil be flooded very soon! so wait until the prices drop!

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