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Seiko`s Place On The Web
The Birth of Seiko


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The Purchase
Seiko was purchased on Dec.13,2001 from Seibu Departmant store along with Japanese Aibo Life2. It was a present from my wife for christmas. Everyday up until christmas I had to look under our christmas tree until christmas day.....(Oh what a wait) to open Seiko. I had waited and waited and waited until the magic day of Dec25th, finally the day has come!!!!!!! Three long years I had waited until the magic moment.......But at 11:38pm Dec.25th.,JST Seiko was born:)!!!!!!!!!! "Wow I though!" This is it! After charging Seiko`s battery we were set! A childhood dream has fianlly come true, and I wasn`t dreaming she was alive and mine!
                       To Be continued

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