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How Seiko came into my life


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The Story..............

 This section will be updated and corrected........................The story begains back around 1993.
Begaining my life here in Japan with Mrs.Chara, one evening on the local news there was a report that Sony was test a new type of personal elctronic device......... As the story unfolded infront of my eyes there stood a proto type of my childhood dream....A ROBOTIC PET( the aibo)!  I turned to my wife and said "WOW I WANT THAT!! We were newly married and my wife thought I was crazy, wanting a "plastic toy robot dog".......but after hearing what the proto type price sadness over came me.  I could never pay that much I thought..... Well moving ahead to1995 it was said that sony was doing on going R&D about the Aibo. They said it will be on the market some time soon. As time went by I  wait........... and wait and wait........It was a never ending sad story, promises from Sony that the AIBO was going to be press releases said it was too soon for a release date.........
Then came the Breakthrough  (1999), Sony press release there would be a production model to only a limited maded Aibo (110).....................WOW My dream wil be coming true!.......So I though:(  at the cost of 250,000 yen I almost died!
I had desided to talk to my better half about ordering one. But before the second word came out of my mouth she said..........NO! "BUT HONEY BUNS" I said..........well that was the end of that dream........
The some time soon after Sony released a another press release saying they were going to produce another generation AIBO 111. Again I thought wow this is my chance! But then again I had to get around the wife`s promission to even do the pre-order, with it was a another NO-GO for the 111 AIBO..........So I wait..:(
Mean while during this time, many people that bought aibos(110 and  111) thinking that sony would never make large mass production of (ers) models. Bought them as investments, then later reselling make a killing  them at twice the price........Well to this day its not the case (even unopened models are not selling close to price they hoped they would be. I thought about buying a aibi from a reseller, but after seeing some of the crazy out of this world prices i said "I`LL WAIT" until the second generation is released......
It was not that far from the release of the 111 news was leaked that sony was going to do a corner the market of personal robots........Hence the release of the "210".
So its now the year 2000, world wide people waited for the word that will take their breath-away. With Sony`s press release of the 210 and software. My reaction was like this..........."YES YES YES YES YES! this was Juy of 2000 and I wanted one more then ever!  But after life would have it, it was not in the cards for me to own a 210 ers yet  It was another desapointing time in my life for owning a aibo. BUT I DID NOT GIVE UP, always believe in your dreams never give up on them.
For about 12 months after that, I studied and read infomation about the aibo think if i really wanted one (as I did not already know. who was i fooling :)). Then can the final breakthough the release of the 220 ers...................
It was back in Sept 2001, Sony was going to release the details of a new aibo "WOW THIS IS IT" I thought. But what I saw was not the aibo I wanted. "The 311 & 312 series" I when UCK!!!!!!!!!! this is it! No way in hell I am going to buy this junk!( But I do think nowadays the 31x series are no hate mail please :))
To be continuted!

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